Healthy Baby Recipe ~ Portobello Mushroom Burger

This burger is great for older toddlers; fresh portobello mushrooms, lettuce, tomatoes, avocado, with some good quality ketchup and mustard. Then I cut the burger into 4 pieces for little hands :)

Portobello mushrooms are incredibly healthy and loaded with vitamins and minerals. Just one portobello mushroom contains the following:
• fiber
• supplies 31 percent of the daily recommended intake of selenium
• contains 30 percent of the recommendation for copper and 18 percent of the requirement for both phosphorus and potassium
• Other minerals in portabello mushrooms include iron, magnesium, manganese, calcium and zinc
• 7.2 mg of the vitamin niacin, or 36 percent of the daily recommended intake
• 0.6 mg of riboflavin, or 34 percent of the recommended intake
• contain the vitamins pantothenic acid, folate, choline, vitamin B6 and thiamin, also known as vitamin B1
• betaine is also found in portabello mushrooms


What You Need:
Large Portobello Mushroom Caps (one for each person)
Whole Wheat Buns
Arugula or Lettuce

  1. Preheat oven to 425
  2. Drizzle Portobello cap with balsamic vinegar and olive oil
  3. Place on a cookie sheet in the oven for 10mins, remove from the oven and cover with sliced avocado, lettuce, and tomatoes (or any of your favorite toppings)
  4. Top with some organic ketchup and mustard on a wheat bun – enjoy!

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