Teaching English Through Play

Kids benefit from learning two languages from a young age, this is the time when they are absorbing and learning rapidly. They can learn two different languages at a really fast rate, faster then at any other age in their life. The earlier you introduce a new language, the easier it will be for your baby to pick up the unique sound and tone. If your child has the opportunity to be in an environment where he/she interacts with native speakers on a daily basis, this is the best way to learn. A child can easily pick up a second language simply by being exposed to it in an interactive environment. Learning English is very important and putting your baby in an English speaking preschool is the perfect opportunity to give your baby daily interaction in English through singing, reading, during play time and through every routine such as meal time, potty time, or nap time.

How do we teach English to the kids in our Preschool?

We use play in our preschool to teach English. For example, if a child is playing with a red toy car, we will model the words red and car for the child and through incidental learning the child is now familiar with 2 new words in English! This technique is effective because the child is naturally motivated by the toy that he/she chose to play with and the excitement of the play opens development. This strategy can be used while reading, art, songs, or any activity that the child is naturally motivated to participate in! In more advanced little speakers, we can practice saying the words in English as he/she asks for his/her turn, item, or sings along.

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