English Gan for Tel Aviv kids

Today we painted, read, blew bubbles, danced, did a lot of pretend play, and played with clay with the kids at our gan. It’s so wonderful to watch children learning while they play, laugh, and interact with each other and with us. Tel Aviv is such a busy city, it’s nice to have a gan where kids feel like they are with family, where the little things are so important; smiles, eye contact, hugs, tickles, conversations, sitting in the sun together, singing off-key to a preschool song, and being there for each other on great days and hard days. Today we practiced sharing in our 3 year-old group, and after a handful of attempts to grab a toy from each other they learned to ask nicely and share when someone asks using words. By the end of the day they were using words to ask for the toys they wanted instead of grabbing, an effective replacement behavior and a successful way to encourage positive behavior instead of using punishment which usually just increases the challenging behavior or creates a new one. Teaching with kindness, patience and reason is important, children respond positively
when taught this way.


Tel aviv gan for children


Gan preschool in tel aviv

With love,

Ziva & Iona


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