About The Sisters

We are two sisters from California who love cooking wholesome, unprocessed, vegan and vegetarian food almost as much as we love taking care of adorable little babies. We had a vision for an English speaking mishpachton that nurtures a baby through high-quality homemade food, lots of play, sunshine, hugs, reading, and songs while encouraging multi-language development from an early age. We want to allow your child to explore and be spontaneous while nurturing him or her with a lot of love, story times, songs, dancing, crafts, art, yoga, and most importantly really getting to know each child and building a bond with each unique child.

About Ziva:

– Degree in Child Development with 10+ years of experience with newborns, twins, and children

– Former Academic Director for an after-school program serving 60 children

– Certified swimming instructor and CPR

– Oldest of 7 children!

– Loves Yoga <3

– Passionate about homemade meals using vegan whole foods that nourish your body

– Specializes in teaching first words & language development, potty training, and positive behavior support

About Iona:

– MA degree in Counseling with 8+ years of experience with preschoolers

– Former Director of Activities at Boys and Girls Club

– Second oldest of 7 kids ;)

– Creative vegetarian chef who loves to use fresh ingredients and colorful spices

– Specializes in teaching creative art, fine and gross motor skills development, and imaginative play


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