We are open Sunday through Thursday from 7:30 to 16:30

We are two sisters who work together to create a warm, loving home environment for your child and give them all the hugs and attention they deserve. We take care of ages 1 through 4! We are a year-round school with no August closures!! ;)

Sunday – Thursday 7:30 – 16:30: 4000 NIS per month


Full English immersion setting to encourage multi-language development from a young age, lots of fun activities, hugs, love, and play!

Homemade, nutritious, fresh, vegan breakfast, snacks, and lunch. We cook everything from unprocessed, whole foods. Check out our food page to see examples of what we cook for the children we take care of as well as our blog where we post our latest recipes. We also make homemade baby food puree for babies who are weening or transitioning to solid food.

All our children have a 1 to 5 ratio. We want the highest quality care for your child, all of our teachers have 5+ years of experience and have a warm, loving personality.

Call us for more information: 058-4638522

Here are the list of state holidays where we are closed:

Download Mishmish Holiday Schedule


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