Mishmish Team


 Isaac Hirsch | Co-Owner & Nursery Manager

Co-Owner and Nursery Manager of Mishmish with 6+ years of experience with children. Isaac was a youth rugby coach for kids in California. He is one of 7 siblings and a loves teaching children. He enjoys playing rugby, cooking big meals (you should try his Mexican food!), traveling, and listening to podcasts. He specializes in working on gross motor development, transitioning kids so they are comfortable and feel at home, and creating a fun, warm environment. He is also the head chef at Mishmish, where he cooks healthy vegan food every morning for our lucky munchkins.

Iona | Co-Owner

Co-Owner of Mishmish with a Master’s degree in Psychology and 8+ years of experience working with children and families. She specializes in nutrition and sleep routines.

Ariel | Co-Owner

Co-Owner of Mishmish with a Law degree and 4 nieces and nephews who keep him busy for shoulder rides and climbing all over him. He is a natural with children. We can tell when he has arrived at Mishmish because the kids start calling his name for him to come play with them.

Ziva | Co-Owner

Co-Owner of Mishmish with a bachelors degree in Child Psychology and 10+ years of experience in education. She specializes in teaching through play, RIE philosophy (Magda Gerber’s RIE philosophy is respect for, and trust in the baby to be an initiator, an explorer, and a self learner), and positive behavior support.

Our Teachers

We have wonderful, kind, creative, and experienced teachers at Mishmish. Everyone is a native-level English speaker, passionate about working with children, and came to us with experience with children and most importantly they have calm and approachable energy, truly care about our kids, and are amazing, intelligent, creative people!