Recommendations from Mishmish Families

In the 10 years that we’ve worked as educators, we feel strongly that we’ve never worked with a group of such loving, respectful, and inspiring parents. And the quality of our parents shows in the wonderful group of children we have at Mishmish. We are so proud to have such a sweet, carefree, and fun-loving group of children who are kind, love their friends, and are up for messy art, dancing to 80s music, or feeding the nursery’s fish with enthusiasm. They remind us to slow down and enjoy the small joys of the day.

Michal & Yaron

When our son was 10 month old, we took him to a very prestigious kindergarden in Neve Tzedek. Before that he was the happiest baby, and then he became miserable, he just wouldn’t adapt. After 3 terrible weeks of trying everyting I started looking for a different kindergarden for him. The day we went to see mishpachton Mishmish was a turning point for all of us. Omri fell deeply in love with Ziva and Iona from the first sight. It was so moving and funny at the same time… He started his transition period, and after 2 days we got back his happy friendly self. It was magic. Today our son is one and a half years old, he goes everyday with a huge smile to Mishmish, he loves being there and we see how much he is being loved. Mishmish girls saved us, and we thank them everyday for everything they are.

Ira & Itzik

Mishmish Playschool is probably the best gan ever. All the girls are loving, energetic, and professional. As a new mother I learned so much about babies from them. They take child care to the highest level of creativity and efficiency. They are always looking for better ways to do things and new creative ways to overcome all the little difficulties each child is experiencing growing up. The approach is always – if we can, why not? They will do anything to make it easier on both the parents and the baby, even if it is more hard work. Going back to work was really easy for me, I feel I can focus on work knowing my baby is in the best hands ever. I can really trust them, because if there are some difficulties or bad days they will update with the full details. My son just love to be there, when I give him in the morning he is always happy and when I take him he wants to stay and play. I wish I will be able to give this level of care to all my future kids.

Tal & Amir

When I was looking for a place to leave my son I had no idea what exactly I was looking for and after visiting several places I started to feel like what I was looking for didn’t exist. Just when I was about to give up, resign from work and become a stay at home mom, I heard of Mishmish. I viewed their website and Facebook page and felt like this is it, I found it. I immediately called Ziva who was so nice on the phone but informed me that there was no room. Me, being an Israeli first time mom, didn’t give up and after two weeks tried my luck again just to be declined once more. But then, a month later, the call came and there was vacancy. I immediately scheduled a meet, and the moment I met the Hirsch sisters I knew this is it! You couldn’t ask for a better  environment for your child, my son smiles when I leave him and is happy and relaxed when I come to pick him up. They teach through play, cook the healthiest vegan food that my son can’t get enough of and love him as if he was their own. Mishmish is one big family and I feel blessed that we are part of it.

Eliana & Greg

I just want to say that the only way I could get Manny into his stroller yesterday morning was by telling him he was going to see all of his friends at gan. When I proceeded to list everyone he immediately stopped his meltdown and started listening to me very intently. So, thanks, guys! I think I’ve discovered a secret weapon.

Carmen & Joan

This is one of my favorite pictures and it definitely shows why we chose Mishmish gan: they absolutely LOVE our kids.
The Hirsch sisters and Co. are not only great professionals with huge experience and tons of creativity – and delicious food – but, above all, wonderful people who definitely adore children and create the best environment ever imagined for our kids.
Our daughter couldn’t be happier. She’s now about to turn 2 years old and she goes to Mishmish every morning with a huge smile, and comes back chatting about her friends and teachers all day long. And…they play ABBA for them, who could ask for more? For us, Mishmish is part of the family.

Pamela & Avi

We moved back to Tel Aviv when my son was 9 months old and I must have looked at every single daycare in the city. I left each one feeling defeated as I couldn’t imagine leaving my son at any of these places. Enter Mishmish. As soon as we walked in I felt the love and warmth that the entire place exudes. Everyone was kind, affectionate, caring and so much more. For the first time at any of the daycares we visited, when I put my son down to play and explore, he took off, feeling comfortable immediately, and we haven’t looked back! Mishmish is his favorite place on the planet, he’d stay on the weekends if he could! I feel so confident leaving him there everyday knowing he’s getting everything he needs to thrive, from love and attention to education and play. He loves the whole team and all of his friends and I feel so lucky that we found such a wonderful place!

Yael & Yotam

I could rave about Mishmish for hours, and this has gotten me into trouble with the other mummas at work – but once you realize what a gem this gan is I don’t think anyone could help themselves. My daughter literally shakes with excitement when she sees we have arrived at the gate, and jumps from my arms onto one of the girls’ the moment we arrive at Mishmish. On the days my husband drops her off, he doesn’t stop talking about the delicious smells from the kitchen. I could not imagine there exists a more loving and caring environment for our little ones. The amount of joy in the kids’ eyes and how beautifully they interact with one another, is really proof of how perfect a place Mishmish is for them to grow up in. The girls (and Ariel) are so in tune with the kids, and it is so obvious how much they love doing what they do (it makes me jealous!). There has been nothing I feel I can’t talk to the girls about, and they are open to help in anyway they can. You really feel that the sense of ‘family’ is important to them all. We are so lucky to have been able to see our daughter grow with the girls’ love (and yummy meals), and we look forward to her flourishing in their care for many more days to come!

Liah & Royi

As my maternity leave was coming to an end, I visited every daycare that was close to our home and could not see myself entrusting my daughter to any of them. A friend told me about Mishmish and even though it is on the other side of Tel-Aviv, I decided to check it out. As soon as my daughter and I stepped into Mishmish, I fell in love with the staff and immediately decided it was worth the daily drive across town. The Hirsch sisters and staff are incredible with children; it is clear how genuine their love is and how dedicated they are to every single child under their care. The Mishmish team does an amazing job keeping our daughter happy, coming up with fun and creative ways to teach her new things every day. They do all that while fulfilling every special request we have, as challenging as that may be. I would also not be doing Mishmish justice if I did not mention their healthy, fresh cooked food, which is beautifully served to our kids (I often ask myself, “How do they find the time??”). We feel that we could not have found a more loving and healthy environment for our daughter. We are lucky to have found Mishmish (and as a bonus, the parents are spoiled with daily pictures of our kids!). Thank you Mishmish girls (+ Ariel!)! You make us calm…

Hilla & Yehezkel

We were first attracted to Mishmish playschool because: Iona and Ziva, the founding sisters, were so nice and warm. They made great first connections with our daughter, and we could see that the other kids are happy and comfortable. The place is spacious, well ventilated and has natural light. It is kept clean and is furnished so suitably for toddlers to spend fun cozy times of play, eat and sleep, while making sure it is a kid safe zone. The food is vegan – freshly cut, cooked and baked daily on the premises. Six months later – we’re so happy that we chose Mishmish because: Our daughter is happy at Mishmish! We feel that she is loved and cared for. She’s happy to meet her teachers in the mornings. We find her relaxed and happy when we pick her up. She sleeps well during nap time and eats well during meals. And we see her bonding and attaching to the staff. All of the staff are professional and reliable, with a warm and positive attitude towards the kids and the families. We appreciate their helpfulness, around drop off and pick-up times, with tips regarding food and sleep, with special care during the first period or when Naama is a bit under the weather. The kids enjoy a good amount of freedom to play and explore within clear boundaries. They enjoy all sorts of fun activities that introduce them to color, texture, music, etc. The atmosphere is loving, warm, and lively. For all the love, hard work and dedication… Thank you Ziva, Iona, Sophie, Meredith, Dana and Ariel.

Yael & Avi

Our son has been at Mishmish Playschool for several months now and we couldn’t be happier with his development and progress. It is a Vegan Nursery with an emphasis on healthy food. The staff are wonderful – they can always be found putting so much energy into interacting with the children. Everyday I find that he has been engaged in something new and different and I also get feedback on what he has done during the day. The space to play is great – modern, clean and safe. I am so happy with everything at Mishmish Playschool and would recommend to anyone thinking to enroll their child here.