Our Teachers

Besides our dedication as teachers at Mishmish, Iona & Ziva are so happy to bring teachers to work with us who can bring their experience, creativity, and good energy to our Mishmish family :)

Meredith Goldstone

A native New Yorker, Meredith lived in Israel previously for 3 years, and decided that this was the right time in her life to come back and live in Israel. Meredith has a B.S. degree in Applied Child Psychology from NYU, and brings 10+ years of experience working with children; normally functioning as well as children with behavioral and developmental challenges. Meredith feels most fulfilled working with children, and says she is lucky to get to do what she loves everyday at Mishmish (almost as lucky as we are to have her!). Outside of work, Meredith enjoys practicing yoga, painting, hiking, and spending lazy weekends on the couch! She looks forward to getting to know all of the families and their cuties! We are so amazed at her natural creativity with children… she can create a fun craft from just about anything! She has a warm, bright personality and the kids just love her. When you meet her you’ll see instantly why we adore working with her… she is a part of the Mishmish family now and we couldn’t be happier :)
Dana Peer
Born in Israel but brought up as a London lady most her life, Dana decided to return to her beloved Israel six months ago. Dana is qualified with an MSc in Animal Welfare and a B.A. degree in Psychology (with a focus on child psychology), which she feels brought together her desire to better the welfare of people and animals. Dana has worked with children throughout her life in various settings including: teaching English, teaching English as a foreign language, employing Animal Assisted Therapy, assisting children with special needs, as a residential camp leader, creating children’s party events, as a sports teacher and caring for children in an orphanage… not forgetting her claim to be the best aunty in the world to her adorable nephew. Dana says that she loves working with children from all backgrounds and with different needs, finding individual ways to help each child develop and blossom into happy and confident individuals in a way that suits them – she is very excited to work (and play) with the Mishmish family. Aside from work Dana’s hobbies and passions are: animal welfare, dance, sports, art, lazing on the beach and taking her dog out for little adventures.



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