What makes Mishmish Playschool unique?

  • Run by two sisters from California with 10+ years of experience, degrees in child development and counseling, oldest of 7 kids, who love encouraging children’s love for learning through play and a warm, fun environment!
  • English speaking mishpachton, all our teachers speak English at a mother tongue level
  • 30 minutes of Hebrew circle time each day to encourage multi-language development from a young age
  • We welcome vegan and vegetarian families as well as any family who wants their baby to have a wholesome and loving experience with nutritious food
  • Children grow a love for learning through play, art, gardening, crafts, water play, cooking, yoga, movement, dancing and music!
  • Breakfast, snacks, and lunch are homemade, vegan, and made from nutritious whole foods so your baby or toddler will be vibrant, happy, and healthy!
  • We focus on the individual child and take extra care of babies who are weening, transitioning to solid food, potty training, teething, having a rough day or if they just need extra hugs.
  • We offer an individualized one-week transition period where parent and child can come play, bond with us, get to know the school and make the process of starting a mishpachton easier on both you and your child so that when your child starts his/her first full day she’s/he’s excited to play and feels safe and happy with us.
  • Central Tel Aviv location on Rothschild Blvd. with easy drop off parking in front of our building as well as a city parking lot right next door.
  • We are family style and believe that kids learn best from being around kids of all ages! We are in mixed groups for most of the day and divide into age groups for special activities, naps, and meal times. We also know that age is just a guideline and there are kids who develop at different paces… so we place children in groups according to ability and needs, not just age.
  • Most importantly, we are a family… lots of love, kisses, hugs, and care for each individual child. The bond we create with each kid is so important… the kids feel at home, relaxed, and safe… and we feel blessed to work with such adorable, precious, and smart children… this mutual joy creates a really enjoyable environment to spend our day together :)

Call us today! 058-4638522

Our Mishpachton: Our new preschool has 6 rooms decorated especially for children: 3 playrooms, 1 reading room, 1 nap room with cribs and sleeping mats, and a kitchen/ arts and crafts room! We made it really cozy, warm, and filled with activities and fun! We also have an outdoor play area that we use for messy art, water play, gardening, and so much more. We look forward to meeting you :)

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